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Acer/Springwood Industrial, Inc.
Acme Mfg. Co.
Amada Wasino America
American Broach & Machine Company

Belden Machine Corporation
Bryant Grinder

Chevalier Machinery Inc.
Clausing Industrial Inc.
Colonial Saw Company, Inc.

Darex Corporation
Delta International Machinery
DeVlieg Bullard Services Group

Ecotech Machinery Inc.
Engis Corporation

GTI Technologies

Hammond Machinery, Inc.
Hardinge Inc.
Huffman Corp.

Icon Machine Tool
International Tool Machines of Florida
J & S Tool Company, Inc.
Jancy Engineering Co.
Jones & Shipman Inc.
Junker Machinery, Inc.

K.O. Lee Company

Kapp Technologies
Kellenberger, A Hardinge Company
Koyo Machinery U.S.A. , Inc.

Meccanica Nova Corporation
Micron-USA, Inc.
Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.
Motch Corporation

Nasa Machine Tools, Inc.
New England Machine Tools Inc.
Normac, Inc.
Novatech, Inc.

Okamoto Corp
Oliver Instruments Company

Ramco and Tannewitz
Rand-Bright Corporation
Reishauer Corporation
Royal Master Grinders, Inc.
RT Industries
Rush Machinery, Inc.